Feast will be served at the beautiful Wesleyan Foundation Church, one block east of The Union. There is plenty of free parking across the street to the east of the church, as well as SOME parking behind the church. *** This site is bone dry. ***

Price: $12


On Table

Flavored Butters
Honeyed Almonds

Course 1

Beef-y-stywyd or Winter Squash Soup
Garlic Torta

Course 2

“Golden Apples” (Pork Meatballs with fried apples)
Cheese Gnochi

Course 3

Capon in Milk and Honey
Honeyed Carrots


Russian Creme
Rose Cookies


For a complete list of ingredients, please contact Katerina MacMolan at tbeth24@hotmail.com or Roana Aldinoch at roana.aldinoch@gmail.com.

Entertainers, please contact Master Alexander de Seton at alexdeset@aol.com or 815-355-3352 to perform for this most auspicious feast. Servers, please contact THL Bran Chandler at branchandler@gmail.com or 217-418-1375 to place your name on the serving list. We will have a table set aside for all servers during the feast so that they are not left out of the pleasure of the meal.

Last modified on October 13, 2011

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